Berlin Marathon – Accepted!

I got challenged: The Berlin Marathon 2010… Status: Accepted!.

The longest race I have done is a half-marathon so i am pretty motivated to run every 42 km. My main knowledge/interest has never been running. Actually I find running pretty boring. But the last year my work, school and entrepreneur situation has crippled my planning with any fitness rutines. And you need rutines in order to get results in fitness. So instead of getting frustrated, not being able to perform 100%, I turned to a sport that didn’t require the same discipline…. until now!

The goal is set, 42,2 km within 4 hours (for now). 16 weeks of intensive running, new rutines and nutrion/workout studies. I’m actually pretty exited that I can be a total sports geek again in a new area!
I will set up a catagory called “Marathon”, you can follow the running rutines each week. I will try to add some external related articles to supplement the series results. I use a Garmin forerunner 405. (Yes very geeky stuff). So each step, pulse beat will be traceable… perfect.
In the next blog post I will post the 16 week preparation schedule.

Om Jens Lund

Manden bag bloggen er 29 og har arbejdet professionelt med sport,motion og kost. Idag er han strandet på et kontor, men giver den gas på job og i fritiden. Med en baggrund som bioanalytiker og HD'er er det nørdede aspekt sikret.