FIBO 2010 – Exhibition review

When going to Essen in Germany and your living in the Northern Denmark, you have to get up early! Real early.
But the Mercedes was packed, the coffee was fresh. Ready for 9 hours of driving.

Arriving in Essen, Germany at 10 AM, the exhibition was already packed. We arrived at the east gate and walked in the hall with the premium suppliers of fitness machines and equipment. It was jaw dropping and the booth were packed with fitness models and hardcore fit-bizz people. Allthough this was “the top of the pop” hall, nothing new was introduced. It was like everybody was just upgrading their sure-to-sell products…

Must have for fitness equipment anno 2010: Personal screens and settings for every machine. Everyone had a productline with this feature…. And all of it was too expensive to be interesting for main stream clubs. Better luck next year, TechnoGym, Cybex, LifeFitness etc!

After spending two hours checking out the top of the pop we moved on to the smaller fitness vendors…

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FIBO evolved into more.

Going through the great halls of Essen exhibition center, FIBO just got bigger every turn you made. This year it had combat sports such as MMA, Teakwondo, boxing and some ninja thing. A mandatory FIBO thing is the group workouts, the legendary Les Mills programs was putting up a wide range of their workout shows and of course a 200 people indoor cycling event took place. (Check out the program for more precise program details.

Nutrion madness

Yes madness, in 2007 the exhibition had one hall packed with nutrion and supplements. This year 5 halls packed with powder and pills. The amount of insane bodybuilders and women who looked like men, wasn’t as big this year, I think it had something to do with the problem getting to Germany due to the ash cloud.

But as you can see in the pictures, I shot some pretty big ones.

The sad part of FIBO, was that healthy food were nowhere to be found. Essen Exhibition probably owned the rights to sell food which lead to menus like: French fries with curry, Hot dog with giant sauges and white bread, heavy on the dressing, sandwiches. That sucked.

Overall: Whould I drive for 16 hours to get their next year… YES. FIBO has a special vibe and if you’re a fitness and bodybuilding fan you will love spending some time there.

A huge thanks to Jørgen, Claus and Jan for the great company. Hope to see you guys again!

Om Jens Lund

Manden bag bloggen er 29 og har arbejdet professionelt med sport,motion og kost. Idag er han strandet på et kontor, men giver den gas på job og i fritiden. Med en baggrund som bioanalytiker og HD'er er det nørdede aspekt sikret.