Big butt – Pear shape is healthy

Maybe you are looking in the mirror thinking. I wish my but wasn’t that size. But recent studies shows, fat located around the hips and on the thighs protects against cardiac diseases and diabetes. [For some reason, edt.] fat on the hips withholds the fatty acid in the fat tissue which is harder to get rid of for good.
So is good to have a little extra on the middle region? Well the stomach fat produces bad fatty acids and cytokines. This could lead to inflammatory condition, In worst case insulin resistant, diabetes and cardiac diseases.
So why is it, that the fat located on the butt is good, but the fat around the stomach isn’t. Beside the fact it withholds the bad fatty acids, they fat also produces healthy hormones that protects the arteries against clothing and finally it helps to regulate you bloodsucker level.
The scientist behind the report; it’s impossible to speckulate on where to store the fat. Most likely its genetic.
Official release from Oxford university:

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