Marathon training – Second week

First obstacle: new job, 3 days training in another city. What to do with training. Well packed the shoes and joined my buddy Morten Boye in Copenhagen for a training pas (Day one)

This leads me to the tips of this week:

Tip 1: Stay Motivated – Find a buddy you can compare, compete or just complain to. This helps on the days when the couch is calling out for you. If you have a GPS watch you can share your training days.

Tip 2: Stay hydrated when you have a training day. But don’t binge drink. One glass at the time. Stop drinking water 1,5 hours before you go running. Of course if you’re going on longer trips, bring water (or sports drink)

Tip 3: Stay fuelled. As mention in the article “New at this – Stay motivated”  knowing your bodyweight is mandatory. When exercising, dieting is an essential part of a successful training session. A rule of thumb: If you are losing weight you are not eating enough. Remember the 3 corner stones: Carbs, protein and fat. You need them all! There is a reason for bodybuilders going nuts with protein. They want bigger muscles, you need better muscle! Fuel up!

Marathon training – Week 2 day 1

Note: Ran in Copenhagen, pretty crowded place, but lovely with a change of scenery.
Distance: 6.69km
Program: 35 min average pace.

Marathon training – Week 2 day 2
Link: Garmin connect deleted it. (Acts up somethimes) grr!

Note: Worst run in a long time, my shins was acting up real bad. So didn’t finish the small sprints.
Distance: approx: 8 km – 40 min average pace

Marathon training – Week 2 day 3

Note: Was ready to redeem myself after the crappy run on day 2. Followed my girlfriend for 1.5 km (you can see the puls goes down in the diagram) and did sprints. The puls and altitude fucked up badly. But the average is okay
Distance: 10.38km (felt gooood!)

Om Jens Lund

Manden bag bloggen er 29 og har arbejdet professionelt med sport,motion og kost. Idag er han strandet på et kontor, men giver den gas på job og i fritiden. Med en baggrund som bioanalytiker og HD'er er det nørdede aspekt sikret.