Marathon training – third week

Week 3. I can feel my body is trying to adapt from doing fitness to cardio 3 times a week. I feel pain and but I just wan’t to go for the next sprint… just pretty disturbed!

This week was just pretty average. A bit frustrated over the speed I’m doing, I am stuck at 1km pr. 5km. I Did not discover any golden rules this week, so you will just have to settle with this week running link.

The famous page, with a ton of information on everything:, naturally have a section dealing with “Running”

Read more to see this week training with Garmin Connect.

Marathon training – Week 3 day 1
Note: The heartrate monitor keeps failing on the trip.
Planned: 35 min average pace
Distance: 6,73km

Marathon training –Week 3 day 2
Note: My legs was burning bad the first 5 km, but the last 7 km I felt like I could keep on running. Awesome feeling. Again: Heartrate monitor messed up!
Planning: 40 average pace + 3×3 sprints with a 2min average pace intervals.
Distance: 12,26

Marathon training – Week 3 day 2
Note: Average run. Denmark just hit 13*C so my long tights, longs sleeves and t-shirt just made me overheat.
Sub-note: Was on a road trip, which lasted 21 straight hours. Only diet on this trip was junk and coffee. Boy did I ever feel it on this trip! Never again!
Planned: 40 average pace + 10×1 min with a 1 min average pace intervals
Distance: 11.03

Week 3 distance: 30 km

Om Jens Lund

Manden bag bloggen er 29 og har arbejdet professionelt med sport,motion og kost. Idag er han strandet på et kontor, men giver den gas på job og i fritiden. Med en baggrund som bioanalytiker og HD'er er det nørdede aspekt sikret.