Marathon training fourth week +

Yes, I am a week late with the fourth week of my maraton preparation. My legs where extremely sore and I entered a 10km race in my home town. So the week 4 became week 4 extended.

So instead of risking an injury, do to overtraining, I listened to my body and stretched the program over 2 weeks. And beginning week 5 the decision proved to be wise, I am running faster, my legs aren’t spass’ing the first mile.

This article sums up some of the commen mistakes of marathon training:
ScienceDaily: The Biggest Marathon, Half-Marathon Training Mistakes

The training week:

Week 4 day 1
Note: A quick birthday run. Ran in Frederikshavn. Weather shitty, and it was so cold.
Planned: 35min average pace
Distance: 6.98km

The Man race 2010 – Week 4 day 2
Note: Race day in Aalborg. The distance was either 5km or 10km. 3 guys from my company joined me for the 10km distance. My goal was set to run under 50min and made a new PR with 47min, so was extremely proud. (The fastest did it on 32min… sick!)
Planned: 10 km. The program said 40+10 min so that’s close enough to set it as week 4 day 2
Distance: 10km

Week 4 day 3
Note: Nice evening run. The legs felt great!
Planned: 45 + 5x2min sprints, did 1 hour with sprints
Distance: 11,37km

Total distance (over the two weeks): 28.35km

Om Jens Lund

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