New at this – The basic stats

In order to improve, you need to know the status right now. It’s no fun improving and not having anything to compare it with. There is a ton of ways to mesuere the human body. But keep it simple and stick with these few things to start with.
– Your weight
– Calculate BMI
– Your Body measurements
– What is your Bodyfat %

1. Your weight

– It’s pretty basic, you need to know your bodyweight, luckily its simple.
To-do: Step up on a basic scale and read the numbers. Its important you use the same scale everytime you measure your weight because different scales will differ to to different quality.

2. Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

– The BMI tells you the ratio between your height and your weight. Giving you a hint of your overall situation.
To-do: You need your height and your weight. Input into one of these formulae:
BMI = [Mass kg] / (Height m))^2
BMI = [Mass lb]x703 / (Height in)^2
Or use this BMI calculator:
So what does the number mean:
Underweight:          <18.5
Normal:                        18.5-24.9
Overweight:                 25-29.9
Obese:                            30-34.9
Obese Class 2               35-39.9
Obese Class 3              >40

3. Body measurements

– Once you start training or change or lifestyle, you will most likely focus on the weight. But in most cases the weight won’t change that fast. The place you will be able to spot a difference will be the inches on your body. Therefor. Measure these places before you set of to a new lifestyle.
To-do: Use a tape measure and measure these places. Write them down and add the date, so you can follow the progress


Arm (left/right)
Thighs (left/right)
Hamstrings (left/right)
Muscle & Strength has an “ideal Body Measurement” it can be used as a quick look, but don’t panic if your not “ideal” no one is ideal…you will differ in some way…

4. Bodyfat %

– You probaly heard this before: Bodyfat is bad!. Actually no… To much bodyfat is bad, just like to much of every thing can be bad.
But whats normal, no lets say: What is healthy. Because normal is not healthy if we look at the US. Whom in 2009 had more obese people than normal people (BMI scaled)


Women / Men
Essential fat: 10-13% / 2-5%
Athletes: 14-20% / 6-13%
Fitness: 21-24% / 14-17%
Acceptable: 25-31% / 18-24%
Obese: +32% / +25%
The cheapest way: Body Fat Caliper (skinfold)
There is different methods to measure the fat/skinfolds. It’s an inexpensive way to measure the bodyfat.
Link how-to:
Buy one here:
Negative: Very difficult to measure exact

The easiest way: Personal scale with bodyfat measurement
It is so easy that everybody can get an idea of the situation:
Buy one here:
Negative: You have to spend a lot of money to get an accurate and reliable result. But as a approx they okay.

The professional way: X-ray or density measurement

You need access to a health care facility or a highly specialized sports facility in order to get the exact %, but with the to other ways to measure it. I’ll be just fine for everyday needs
Buy one here: Yearh not going to happen.
Negative: Only for professionals

More info:

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