One hour workout to stay average.

According to new Harvard research [ Journal of the American Medical Association] involving 34000 women with a mean age of 54. Women need to exercise up to one hour pr. Day, in order to stop gaining weight.
The study had three groups of women.
– More than 7 hours a week
– Between two and a half to seven hours a week
– Less than 2 hours a week
Only the group with women doing 7 hours a week didn’t gain mean average weight over the research period of 13 years.
The study concludes; “Once overweight, it might be too late to because physical activity was not associated with less weight gain….
– A bit alarming really. But overall I read it as:  Once you get overweight it just gets harder to keep a normal BMI.
Most sources still recommends at least 30 min exercise with elevated pulse.
Do you know your BodyMass Index (BMI)?

Om Jens Lund

Manden bag bloggen er 29 og har arbejdet professionelt med sport,motion og kost. Idag er han strandet på et kontor, men giver den gas på job og i fritiden. Med en baggrund som bioanalytiker og HD'er er det nørdede aspekt sikret.